is the ultimate skill.

Is your dream of building a resilient homestead becoming a priority,

but you’re not sure where to start?


There’s so much conflicting advice about how to become more self-reliant…

Organic gardening. Off-grid solar. Permaculture. Container homes. Tiny homes. Rain water catchment. Aquaponics. Hydroponics. Regenerative farming…

Every day you’re being pointed in a million different directions, looking for the perfect catalyst to get you started on your path to resilient homesteading and off grid survival… But like most aspiring homesteaders, you are pulled between feeling paralyzed and getting sucked down into a bunch of different paths–all at the same time!

You research on youtube, google and amazon for endless hours and have a bunch of books on your wishlist, hoping that ONE of these paths will lead you to the the resilient lifestyle you dream of having.

You’re bombarded with enticing resources, but deep down inside you know that another book, class or lifestyle hack can’t be the answer to designing an entire ecosystem that works for your family–let alone multiple families. The weight is on your shoulders. You don’t want to quit preparing for your family’s future survival, but it gets overwhelming to try to figure this all out on your own. 

So what do you do next?


I was already several years into our off-grid homesteading adventure. 

I was feeling discouraged and overwhelmed… Stuck in the process of trying to discover what would truly work. 

Constantly trying new ideas, then trying to make them work, then starting all over again just to try to figure out if *anything* would work… I knew I had to find a way to break out from this cycle.

I wanted to find solutions that would be more effective, sustainable and require less maintenance than the conventional consumeristic methods.

I also wanted to figure out how to better leverage my efforts, so that I could grow more food at once, live more comfortably with less energy, decrease our expenses and maximize our potential to produce more on the farm.

So, I did everything I thought I should to make these things happen.

By 2015, I had 27 homesteading and sustainable living projects running simultaneously!

But no matter how many hours in the day I worked, my production levels and progress stayed pretty much the same. I was being pulled in a million different directions and felt more and more stressed, frustrated and depleted.

I couldn’t see a way out. I even started questioning my ability to thrive beyond just mere survival. It was extremely difficult, but I did not stop learning and experimenting… And it finally paid off!

we created a holistic approach to SUSTAINABLE SURVIVAL THROUGH

Resilient Ecosystems

Jason and Aurora Rogers Sustainable Living Experts

We left it all behind ...

In 2011, we left the comforts of what we knew behind to move several states away to learn how to homestead off the grid on raw land without previous experience. We had no family, jobs, or mentors waiting for us, but we had the conviction we needed to gain indispensable life skills to survive the international crises we foresaw.

We were primarily off line with our story, but during the shutdown of 2020, with so many people wanting to learn how to flee the city and break free from the crippling dependence on consumerism—as well as the dangers of relying on fiat currency— we came back online to share our story of survival and new framework for resilient living.

We now help entrepreneurial families get on the fast track to building resilient homesteads with tiny homes off the grid.

"I believe that in a world of uncertainty, the best way to learn to survive is to first learn how to thrive living off the grid."
—Aurora Rogers

time is of the essence! I'm done putting off what's important to me...

I'm ready to get on the fast track to build a resilient homestead!

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